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Anna and the French Kiss meets The Cutting Edge in this heartwarming story about being brave enough to love.

“A peek inside the world of competitive figure skating that may make readers want to strap on a pair of skates. Fans of YA romance will swoon over this heartwarming and charming story.”

—Lauren K. Denton, USA Today Best Selling Author of A Place to Land

“A dash of sports, a sprinkle of romance, and plenty of heart. Perfect for fans of Sandhya Menon and Sarah Dessen.”

—Prerna Pickett, author of If You Only Knew

“This is the sports story the YA world has been missing. The Price of Ice has it all: a determined heroine, relatable family drama, and an enemies-to-lovers romance you will double flip over. Perfect for fans of Miranda Kenneally and Becky Wallace.”

—Kristin Rae, former figure skating coach and author of Wish You Were Italian and What You Always Wanted

"Heartfelt, healing ... Kate's crisis will resonate with anyone whose passion has meant some pain, the stumble of trying to find your feet again, and what can happen if we dare to expand."

—Julie Israel, author of Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index

“A beautiful story about learning that sometimes the things we sacrifice to achieve a dream are the things that make us stronger. With an authentic voice, it touched my heart and had me cheering at the end.”

—Elizabeth Arroyo, author of My Not So Anonymous Best Friend 

Seventeen-year-old figure skating champion, Kate Reddy, has one goal: to be an Olympian.  


When you’re stuck in a small southern town where ice rinks are scarce, it takes a world of sacrifice and determination. Kate knows this better than anyone. Her dad won’t pay for skating, her mom doesn’t understand why Kate won’t do normal teen stuff, and her best friend is more interested in going to parties than cheering for her at competitions. She doesn’t need them anyway, just her faithful coach, an ice rink, and her Two-Year Olympic Plan.


When Kate has to share the ice with hockey player Brice, his disarming eyes and the ruts he leaves in the ice dismantle everything Kate has worked for. She finds herself facing the possibility of a life without competitive skating and feeling more alone than ever. Kate needs a new plan to heal the relationships she’s abandoned—because there’s no point in standing on top of the podium if you’re all alone.

“A fresh and interesting spin on the figure skater and hockey player romance.”
—Kristen Landon, author of Life in the Pit

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